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Activities / Outdoors Relax in a hot sand bath at Ibusuki Onsen
in Kagoshima Prefecture

At Ibusuki Onsen in Kagoshima pref., you can enjoy a sand steamed bath which utilizes the heat from the onsen flowing into the sea. Wearing a special yukata, warm your body in relaxing sand while listening to the sound of the waves. This is an experience exclusive to Kagoshima.

Activities / Outdoors Discover adventure at the Yambaru Nature School
in the forests of North Okinawa

In the subtropical ocean climate of "yanbaru no mori" you can enjoy canoeing on the river and trekking in the forest with a local guide. The goal is to develop team relationships through common activity experiences.

Activities / Outdoors Immerse yourself in art on the kanjiki walk
at the Sapporo Art Park Sculpture Garden

At the Sapporo Art Park Sculpture Garden you can experience walking among outdoor sculptures wearing winter kanjiki snowshoes.

Activities / Outdoors Onsen & Ryokan: traditional party wearing yukata robes
at a hot springs resort

Kusatsu Onsen has been popular since ancient times and is one of the most popular onsen in Japan. The inn features a comfortable public bath. After a relaxing period in the soothing water, change into your yukata and meet friends for a meal. This is the Japanese way to build relationships by spending a relaxing time with friends.

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