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Unique Venues Cruise Tokyo Bay on a traditional yakatabune dining boat

The yakatabune (banquet boat) is a unique shipboard party in Japan. Enjoy a 2-3 hour cruise while enjoying night views of Tokyo from the river. Dine on freshly made tempura, seated on traditional tatami mats for a thoroughly authentic experience. Charter cruises are also possible.

Unique Venues Take a simulated ski jump
at the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium

The Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, still in use today for competitions, can be chartered for parties and events. Guests can take a simulated jump and enjoy views of the jumping platforms from the restaurant.

Unique Venues Visit World Heritage Site Nijo Castle

Kyoto's Nijo Castle(Nijo-jo) was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1994 as one of the Historical Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. The gardens and other areas inside the castle walls can be rented out to produce a special feeling for events.

Unique Venues Explore the wonders of the sea
at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The "chura" in "churaumi" means beautiful in the Okinawan language, and "umi" means ocean in Japanese. This world-class aquarium is one of the world's largest and is home to giant sea creatures like the whale shark and manta ray. Groups can enjoy exclusive parties with a stunning backdrop of glittering ocean scenes.

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