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Team Building Make your own sushi at the iconic Tsukiji Market

The experience of making sushi at Tsukiji begins with learning about the history of sushi and how to handle raw fish. After changing into a sushi chef's uniform you're ready to try making some yourself. Challenge another team to test your skills and see who can make the best tasting sushi.

Team Building Bring your team closer together with team-building
at the Imoni Festival

Compete to see who can make the most delicious imoni, the traditional taro root stew found mainly in Yamagata prefecture.

Team Building Enjoy the iconic Awa-odori Dance
in Tokushima Prefecture

In Tokushima pref. – after practicing the traditional Awa Odori dance at the Awa-odori Kaikan hall, you will compete on a team and demonstrate which team is the beautifully in sync.

Team Building Delve into Japan's ancient history
in the Gangala Valley limestone caves

Utilizing an ancient limestone cave and a subtropical forest, an adventurous team building program can help energize your employees. After the program you can have a party and enjoy the cave's natural beauty at the Cave Cafe.

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