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Industrial Visits Make your own iconic Shiroi-Koibito cookies

Shiroi-Koibito, a combination of white chocolate and a "langue de chat" cookie, is Hokkaido's most iconic confection. In addition to buying these treats for friends and family back home, you can make your own Shiroi-Koibito cookies and enjoy them at a park picnic.

Industrial Visits Enjoy the outdoors at Koiwai Farm

With 3,000 hectares, Koiwai Farm utilizes a variety of new approaches to dairy farming. It is possible to observe environmentally friendly activities, from dairy farming to dairy processing as well as environmental conservation.

Industrial Visits Factory tours in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata

Both the Sanjo and Tsubame areas in Niigata pref. are world leaders for premier metal processing products. As well as factory tours of metal processing, there are a variety of tour choices.

Industrial Visits Discover the traditional handicrafts of Kyoto

Kyoto was once the capital of Japan. Traditional handicrafts continue to be popular even today. There are a variety of tour options available to you, including tours of Nishijin textile production, a ceramic art experience, and even creating your own chopsticks.

Industrial Visits Visit Sengan-en, a traditional Japanese garden,
and expereience a Satsuma Kiriko cut glass workshop.

At Sengan-en explore the expansive gardens and former residence of a powerful feudal lord offering majestic views of active volcano Sakurajima. Then discover the heritage of Kagoshima at the Shoko Shuseikan Museum before visiting the Satsuma Kiriko glass workshop. Listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2015.

Industrial Visits Discover the maglev train
– the linear motor car

At the Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center's Maglev Theater you can experience the sensation of magnetic levitation travel at 500 km/h. Depending on the day, it may also be possible to observe actual train test runs. (Confirmation is required for testing days.)

Industrial Visits Visit the Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park
in Hyogo Prefecture

The Memorial Park explains the lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995. There are lectures about the disaster and facilities in which you can experience the shaking that an earthquakes produces.

Industrial Visits Discover samurai culture at Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle was hit hard by the 2016 earthquake. Boasting a 400-year history, the building has been in danger of collapse. Learn about the sustainability and preservation of traditional architecture that made use of natural products and also experience the history and culture through Wakuwaku-Za (The Wakuwakuza History and Cultural Experience) located outside the castle.

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