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Application deadline approaching for Meet Japan 2013!

As part of our initiatives to promote Japan as an international conference destination, JNTO is inviting leading international association executives and core-PCOs for its "Hosted Buyers Program-Meet Japan 2013", an eight-day program scheduled from February 28 to March 7, 2013.The program offers international meeting planners looking to hold an international conference in Japan the opportunity to visit Convention Cities all over the country that would meet their requirements. This innovative program enables participants to hold personal meetings with convention bureaus across Japan in order to collect information about convention facilities, accommodations, support programs, sightseeing options, and more. On the last day of the program, participants and convention bureau staff meet up at the Japan Convention Trade Mart (consultation with cities) where they can exchange information on other cities not included in their inspection itinerary. This annual program has been well received by participants, and as of October 31, 60% of Meet Japan 2011 members had already decided to hold their conference in Japan, including the host of the 'International Wildlife Management Congress' next year in Sapporo.

Application deadline is Friday, December 14, 2012.
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Inspection tour at MJ2012

Japan Convention Trade Mart at MJ2012

JNTO awarded "Best NTO"in the TTG Travel Awards

The TTG Travel Awards is an annual event by TTG Asia that honors the best and brightest in the Asia-Pacific travel trade-top-performing organizations that have consistently proven their commitment to service excellence to the industry. Readers chose JNTO to win the prestigious "Best NTO" award at the 23rd Annual TTG Travel Awards 2012. Motonari Adachi, Executive Director of JNTO Singapore, responded to the achievement by saying, "I would like to express our most profound thanks to all TTG readers for this Best NTO Award. I would like to share the honor of this prestigious award with all our supportive partners, such as the Changi Airport Group, major airlines, travel agents, media and ardent fans of Japan. JNTO Singapore goes into full swing to restore the consumer's confidence for travel to Japan with our partners." Hiroshi Masuda, Executive Director of JNTO Bangkok, attended the ceremony and commented, "I would like to express my sincere appreciation to TTG Asia and all related parties for the award. JNTO Bangkok Office continues to make every effort to attract as many visitors as possible in the region to Japan."

TTG Travel Awards Ceremony
Center: H.Masuda, Executive Director of JNTO Bangkok

JNTO to participate in the PCMA Annual Meeting

PCMA Annual Meeting: Convening Leaders
January 13-16, 2013
"Convening Leaders" is the Professional Convention Management Association's (PCMA) annual meeting and one of the industry's most comprehensive educational and networking events. This year's event will be held in Orlando, and about 3,800 attendees are expected. JNTO will attend the meeting.

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What's Up in Japan

Sendai Tourism & Convention Bureau awarded "Best Convention Bureau: Japan"

The Sendai Tourism & Convention Bureau won the award for Best Convention Bureau at the Annual MICE Report Awards 2012. The honor was given based on votes submitted by readers of "The MICE Report". The prestigious MICE Report Awards are bestowed annually to recognize excellence and outstanding distinction in the meetings, incentive, and business travel industry.

One of the reasons Sendai received the MICE award was due to our ongoing promotion of Sendai as a MICE destination following the earthquake. Sendai won the IMEX Wild Card spot at IMEX Frankfurt 2012, taking the opportunity to inform international buyers of our recovery programme and plans for the future. Sendai also hosted the WTTC in April 2012, hosting approximately 1,000 tourism industry officials in the city. Manabu Hoshina, vice-director of the Sendai Tourism & Convention Bureau, said, "The award winners will be officially announced at EIBTM 2012 in Barcelona. After receiving this award, we hope Sendai will be globally recognized as one of Japan's international MICE cities."

For further information about Sendai Tourism & Convention Bureau,visit

Drs. Shinya Yamanaka and John Gurdon win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Professor of Kyoto University Shinya Yamanaka, Japanese physician and researcher of stem cells, and Prof. John Gurdon (Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute), British developmental biologist, were awarded the prize for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent.

In June 2012, Prof. Yamanaka committed to host "the 10th International Society for Stem Cell Research" held in Yokohama, that more than 4,000 top level researchers attended from 50 countries. Dr. Nagata, Secretary General of the Japan organizing committee, who supported Prof. Yamanaka for the Conference, commented, "I am very glad to know that Prof. Yamanaka was awarded Nobel Prize. It indicates that Japan has been taking a lead in medical research using stem cells. Also, having hosted "the 10th International Society for Stem Cell Research" in Japan has enormous significance that motivated us for further research that would help investigating disease mechanism, new drug or cell therapy. I am proud that the Conference was successfully organized with gaining strong support from local organizations and which was highly regarded by the attendee. This also encourages us as well as Prof. Yamanaka's win of the Prize, for more commitment"

Professor S.Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize

Japan's Green Convention Facilities

Today's world is faced with various environmental issues, including global warming and the heat island phenomenon. Green conventions or green meetings-particularly the hosting of international conferences-are becoming increasingly important as we work to establish sustainable societies for the future. Here, we introduce two convention facilities in Sapporo and Okinawa that are offering unique programs for a greener environment, as well as Kyoto initiatives for sustainability.

Sheraton Sapporo Hotel:

Coexistence with nature is what makes the city of Sapporo so unique, giving its visitors the ability to experience and enjoy the city throughout the year. The Sheraton Sapporo Hotel's commitment is to respect our rich natural environment, distinguishing it as one of the best facilities in Sapporo and one that contributes fully to the sustainable welfare of the city. One of the programs that the Sheraton Sapporo Hotel offers is the Sustainable Meeting Package, also known as the "Refresh and Recharge" plan.The program enables the hotel to use 1) safe and fresh ingredients obtained via tie-ups with organic farmers, 2) 100% delicious natural alkali water and ground water throughout the hotel, 3) eco-friendly LED lights in banquet halls, and 4) paperless systems (e-proposals, e-menus, e-brochures, etc.) combined with the use of recycled paper and vegetable ink. The Refresh and Recharge program also calls for separation and reduction in plastic products and packaging, as well as the utilization of public transportation services (Sheraton Sapporo Hotel is 25 minutes from the New Chitose Airport by rail, and is connected to downtown Sapporo by railway and subway).

Another unique program offered at the Sheraton Sapporo Hotel is "Color Your Plate". Color Your Plate is a very simple approach to healthy eating that the restaurant offers special menu of "Color Your Plate" with colorful, nutrient-rich ingredients as part of a well-balanced meal to increase energy and performance.The program allows guests to supplement the nutritional value of their meals, which are an essential part of a fulfilling and productive MICE event.

Color Code of Restorative Nutrition

Color Your Plate

For further information about Sheraton Sapporo, visit

Okinawa Convention Center:

The Okinawa Convention Center received its Eco-Action 21 certification since 2011, marking it as a business operation that is recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as (1) having set up an environmental action framework for the purpose of effectively and efficiently carrying out green initiatives, (2) actually carrying out those initiatives, (3) making ongoing improvements to its environmental activities, and (4) reporting the results of those activities to society as a whole. The center has set up specific numerical reduction targets for each Eco-Action 21 item, and is working to achieve these targets through various initiatives. In addition, the Okinawa Convention Center has voluntarily set up a project to hold an environmentally themed event for children. The Eco event features on-stage entertainment, a variety of booths, fieldwork, and other activities designed to raise awareness among the leaders of the next generation by providing them with opportunities notice, think about, and take action on environmental issues in a fun and accessible way. This year marked the fifth time that the two-day event was held, again receiving high praise from its 30,000 or so attendees.

The Okinawa Convention Center also voluntarily hosted a lecture event this year, bringing in speakers all the way from Hokkaido to talk about specific examples of MICE-related green initiatives. The purpose of the event was to be able to claim sustainable development in the tourism industry, which the center achieved by bringing in people from all corners of the MICE industry to raise awareness and add new value to MICE initiatives in Okinawa.

Eco Event for children

For further information about the Okinawa Convention Center, visit

Kyoto: Kyoto venues and culture educate on sustainable business practices

Since 1997, the name Kyoto has been synonymous with environmental leadership on the global stage. However, as more and more meeting organisers are finding out, living in harmony with the natural environment started here many centuries before the Kyoto Protocol. In fact, it is an integral part of the city's heritage and culture, now a millennium in the making. Today, Kyoto is finding a new niche providing education on sustainable business practices at meeting events.

Kyoto's harmonious-living heritage runs so deep that it has recently given rise to the Kyoto Environmental Standard. The KES is Kyoto's own ISO 14001 and is particularly popular with meeting hotels in the city. The Hotel Granvia Kyoto has been a proud supporter of the certification since 2006 and offers meetings on reduced waste, energy and water usage-including the idea of replacing paper cups with a gift tumbler for each delegate.

Kyoto Granvia

The Kyoto Hotel Okura has recently replaced its waste processing facilities to reduce energy and water use as well as curb CO2 output as part of its compliance with KES.

eco-friendly garbage disposer

Kyoto Hotel Okura

KES activities tend to go on quietly in the background, while meeting participants tend to notice their environmental awareness growing through activities at special Kyoto venues. In 2010, a global cosmetics brand chose a Kyoto special venue when it needed to educate European stakeholders on the cultural background of their product line. Tondaya, a 130-year-old kimono merchant house, became the base for an educational session that showed participants how the company has retained its traditional style and living practices, which involve adapting their business practices to maximize efficiency as the seasons change throughout the year.

In meeting events like this, Kyoto's cultural heritage and unique historic venues are working hand in hand to deliver meaningful educational experiences to participants, and to provide valuable insights into doing business in more sustainable ways. The Kyoto Convention Bureau is encouraging these types of events with a new grant system that supports the use of Kyoto culture in events.

As meeting topics become ever more sophisticated, Kyoto is defining a role for itself in providing superior informational content as well as top-notch venues. The city's long history and rich culture are providing answers and added value to organisations as they seek new input across a range of needs-from sparking the next innovation to building on corporate social responsibility.

For further information about
Hotel Granvia Kyoto, vist
Kyoto Hotel Okura, visit
Tondaya, visit

Kyoto Convention Bureau, visit

MICE Calendar (December 2012-January 2013)

Several large conferences will be held in Japan during December and January.

The 22nd General Meeting of the Japanese Association for Dental Science
Osaka, Nov. 9-11
Intex Osaka:
Osaka International Convention Center:
Attendance: 6,000
Official Website: http://www.jads.jp/22ndGM/eng/index.html
Science Agora 2012
Tokyo, Nov. 9-11
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation:
AIST Tokyo Waterfront:
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute:
Attendance: 10,000
Official Website: http://scienceagora.org/en/2011/index.html
The 60th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Virology
Osaka, Nov. 13-15
Osaka International Convention Center:
Attendance: 1,000
Official Website: http://www.microbiology.co.jp/jsv60/index.html
Embedded Technology 2012
Yokohama, Nov. 14-16
Pacifico Yokohama:
Attendance: 4,100
Official Website: http://www1.jasa.or.jp/et/ET2012/english/index.html
The 33rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Osaka, Nov. 16-18
Osaka International Convention Center:
Attendance: 2,000
Official Website: http://www.dourinken.com/download/pdf/33catalog-a.pdf
The 11th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies
Kyoto, Nov. 18-22
Kyoto International Conference Center:
Attendance: 1,600
Official Website: http://www.ghgt.info/index.php/Content-GHGT11/ghgt-11-overview.html
The 9th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology
Yokohama, Nov. 20-22
Pacifico Yokohama:
Attendance: 1,000
Official Website: http://www2.convention.co.jp/water2012/english/index.html
Annual WFHSS and JSMI Conference 2012 13th World Sterilization Congress
Osaka, Nov. 21-24
Osaka International Convention Center:
Attendance: 2,000
Official Website: http://www2.convention.co.jp/wfhss2012/index.html
The 9th IDF-WPR Congress & 4th AASD Scientific Meeting
Kyoto, Nov.24-27
Kyoto International Conference Center:
Attendance: 1,000
Official Website: http://www2.convention.co.jp/idfwpr2012/ml/2/
Microwave Workshops & Exhibition
Yokohama, Nov. 28-30
Pacifico Yokohama:
Attendance: 2,100
Official Website: http://apmc-mwe.org/mwe2012/index_e.html
The 62nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Allergology
Osaka, Nov. 29 - Dec. 1
Osaka International Convention Center:
Attendance: 4,100
Official Website: http://jsa62.umin.jp/index.html
The 16th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Academy of Maxillo Facial Implants/The 11th Annual meeting of Pan-pacific Implant Society
Kita Kyushu, Dec. 1-2
West Japan Industry and Trade Convention Association:
Attendance: 1,600
Official Website: http://www.jami2012.org/english.pdf
The 19th International Display Workshops in conjunction with Asia Display 2012
Kyoto, Dec.4-7
Kyoto International Conference Center:
Attendance: 1,000
Official Website: http://www.idw.ne.jp/

This Month's Feature City

A representative
convention city of Japan

Fukuoka City has been making efforts for inviting international convention by promoting utilization of Marine Messe Fukuoka at the Fukuoka Convention Center, collaborating with municipal leaders and other interested groups.

Marine Messe Fukuoka

The Asian Australasian Congress of Anesthesiologists and scientific sessions of the Japanese Circulation Society are two of the many large-scale conventions that have taken place in Fukuoka, and 2012 also promises to be a busy year thanks to the 2012 International Society of Urology World Congress (3,000 attendees), the International Conference for Universal Design (14,700 attendees, held in October) the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival (4,500 attendees, also held in October), and the 51st International Association of Lions CLUBS OSEAL Forum (20,000 attendees, held for November). Future events include the Asian Regional Conference of International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering with 700 attendees, scheduled for 2015, and the Lions Clubs International Convention with 25,000 attendees, scheduled for 2016.

Fukuoka has first-rate links to other major cities in Asia through daily flights. The city is also easily accessible from Europe, North and South America, and Oceania via these major Asian hub airports. A subway network connects Fukuoka Airport travelers to Hakata Station in the center of the city center in 15 minutes, and all major hotels and convention facilities are located within a 2.5-km radius. With all lines of the Kyushu Shinkansen now up and running, Japan's bullet train network now covers the length of the Japanese mainland, from Aomori in the north to Kagoshima in the far south, greatly enhancing access to all of Kyushu through direct links. The opening of the new JR Hakata City train station complex has enhanced Hakata Station and made it a true hub, which in turn has significantly enriched lodging facilities in the station area. These and other advances have been the driving force behind Fukuoka's rapid development into a well-appointed MICE host city in terms of both its facilities and accessibility.

Fukuoka City

Whether you're downtown or in the suburbs, Fukuoka offers visitors an ever-growing number of sightseeing attractions, including major commercial centers, hot springs, national museums, and more. Add its culinary culture, lauded throughout Japan, and you have a city brimming with exciting activities once the convention is over.

Cityscape (urban culture and traditions)

Fukuoka has several urban districts that showcase the best of both old and new Japan. Modern wonders include the Momochi seaside district, home to Fukuoka Tower and the Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome, and the Tenjin and Hakata Station areas, which represent the twin hearts of this bustling city. Old Japan can be found in the city's charming historical districts, dotted with the temples and shrines Hakata is known for, traditional buildings, and old-fashioned shopping streets that will transport you to another time.


Many nature spots, such as the Sea of Genkai and Mt. Sefuri, are located a short distance from downtown Fukuoka City. On a sunny day, visitors can enjoy cruising and day trips to neighboring islands.

Nokonoshima Island


Fukuoka is home to several festivals throughout the year, the most notable of which are the Hakata Dontaku and Hakata Gion Yamakasa events.

Hakata Dontaku


Street stalls, food, and the Nakasu district

One of the most famous things about Fukuoka is its food. To start, there are nearly 180 street stalls dotting the city, beckoning passers-by to casually drop in. In addition to offering well-known local specialties like mizutaki (chicken broth hotpot), Ramen (noodle with pork bone soup), and a variety of fresh seafood selections including fugu (blowfish), Fukuoka's culinary culture also includes scores of Italian, French, and other big-name restaurants run by accomplished chefs as well as numerous cafes that have been written up in fashion magazines and more. For those in the know, Fukuoka is truly a diner's paradise.

Fukutabi experiential tour

The Fukutabi program came out of an effort to collect ideas from the local people on how to enjoy Fukuoka. The tour shows visitors the charms of the city through cultural experiences that include exploring the city with a special local guide, attending a tea ceremony, wearing kimono, and much more. Fukutabi offers a variety of tours and is a great option for a post-convention activity.

Unique venues

1) Marine World and The Luigans hotel (joint national park-hotel complex)
Uminonakamichi Marine World aquarium, located within state-owned Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail, while The Luigans at the Uminonakamichi resort hotel will gladly host your garden party.

2) Kawabata shopping arcade (lively public space)
Adjacent to the shrine of Kushida-jinja (the heart of the famous Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival), is the Kawabata shopping arcade, which showcases Japanese culture during festival days and other traditional events. In early October this year, SIU Night, a special social program of the International Society of Urology World Congress, was held at Kawabata shopping arcade. Attendee from 93 countries enjoyed the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese styled summer festivals that shops in the Kawabata arcade set up traditional food stands and game booths for the special night. Attendees also experienced traditional Japanese music and dance performance with the Shamisen (Japanese guitar) and Taiko (Japanese drums).and communicated with local residents.

SIU Night at Kawabata Shopping arcade

Canal City Hakata, a commercial complex of hotels, a performance theater, movie theater, shops, restaurants, specialty stores and showrooms built around an artificial canal, is located nearby.

3) Waterfront facilities
The Bayside Place Hakata Wharf, located in the city's Hakata district, is a multipurpose complex that includes an aquarium, shops, and restaurants-all within walking distance of convention facilities. Organizers can even rent out the entire space for parties of up to 900 guests.

Fukuoka is a warm, rapidly growing city at the heart of Kyushu, brimming with hospitality and bringing visitors the best of both worlds-urban amenities and historical traditions, mountain views and sea breezes, city life and nature, downtown excitement and small-town charm. We invite you to consider this engaging, up-and-coming Japanese city for your next MICE event.

About the Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau
The Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau is a joint non-profit organization established between the municipal government, the private sector, and academia with the purpose of attracting visitors and conventions to Fukuoka City.

For further information, visit

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