JNTO conducted a survey of conferences organizers in Japan, targeting Japan Conference Ambassadors,
from 22 May to 2 June 2020. Read on to find out what they had to say.

Q1: Has the Covid-19 pandemic caused changes in the conditions for attracting
and holding international conferences in which you are personally involved?
(Number of responses: 56) はい71.4% いいえ28.6%
Q2: Of those who answered yes, this is how their events have been impacted:
延期になった62.5% 中止になった35.0% オンライン20.0% 一部オンライン12.5% その他25.0%
Q3: What information is needed in order to attract and hold international conferences amid the Covid-19 pandemic?
Q4: Looking at the big picture, do you think there will be changes to
how international conferences are held in the future due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
はい98.2% いいえ1.8%
Q5: Those who answered “Yes”,
elaborated that they think the following changes will occur:
Other comments

The future of international conferences

Here we have gathered a range of special features looking at examples of online conferences already being held; industry expert predictions for the future of international meetings and business travel; guidelines for safe and secure management of events; and other topics relating to the future of the MICE industry.

Guidelines for operating
conferences safely

What sort of measures should be taken to operate conferences safely during the Covid-19 pandemic?
The following is an introduction to guidelines created by industry associations within Japan as a useful reference for conference organizers.

Japan Convention Management Association (JCMA)

Guidelines on Hosting MICE Events in the COVID-19 Pandemic 3rd edition

These guidelines cover specific policies for MICE organizers regarding the hosting of meetings, events and conferences.
* These are guidelines only; strict adherence to all included items is not enforced. Operators, hosting facilities, etc. should fully consult with organizers to make effective use of the guidelines in operations.