Exclusive Experiences

Team Building

Collective activities are central to Japanese culture and may hold efficient yet unknown ways of strengthening the bonds between your teams members. Give it a try!

Make your own sushi at the iconic Tsukiji Market

Learn how to make your own sushi with the best teachers, using the best ingredients, at the world famous Tsukiji market. (recently relocated to Toyosu)

Delve into Japan's ancient history in the Gangala Valley limestone caves

Take a deep dive into one of the geological treasures of Japan, the Ganagala valley. The valley was once a cave and collapsed, allowing a unique flora to grow around.

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 Gangala Valley 
Model course
 Okinawa(Naha, Motobu)

Bring your team closer together with team-building at the Imoni Festival

Taking place in the Yamagata prefecture during fall, the Imoni festival is a central piece of Northern Japan popular culture. Experience the authentic taste of Japan first-hand.

Enjoy the iconic Awa-odori Dance in Tokushima Prefecture

Nowadays widespread over Japan, Awaodori dance is originally from Tokushima. What better way to try and learn the popular group dance from its birthplace is there?

Team Building