Through the Lens:Business Events in Japan

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is seeking submissions of photo and video content that inspires viewers to hold their business events in Japan. If you are a professional in the meetings industry or have attended meetings, conventions, incentives or events in Japan, why not share some of the "Wow!" moments that you have captured through your lens while in Japan?

The Japan Convention Bureau, a section of JNTO, promotes Japan as an innovative and exciting destination for international meetings, incentive tours, conventions and events. Our slogan, "Japan. Meetings & Events - New ideas start here -" captures the essence of why organizations should consider taking their business events to Japan: coming into contact with the local people and culture can trigger imaginative and innovative ideas. Participants of business events in Japan can gain inspiration and flashes of insight, which may enable their business growth.

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Share photos and videos which you think show that Japan is a destination meeting planners can't do without. We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Contest Guidelines

1.Categories & Themes

Entries will be judged and sorted based on how well they express Japan's business events thematic values listed below.

Innovative Japan Award

Images that showcase delegates’ interaction with the Japanese academic and business communities or local industry. The images should convey an atmosphere wherein delegates are inspired by new perspectives and insight that will propel the further development of academics and industry.

Innovative Japan Award


An active discussion at an international conference, the scene of a presentation on new research or technology at an exhibition, etc.

Unique Japan Award

Images that show Japan's customs, culture, and regional diversity. Let the world see how Japan stimulates the senses and intellect, enabling one to gain inspiring new ideas and perspectives.

Unique Japan Award


Experiencing Japan's local culture or unique regional cuisine while participating in business events.

Hospitable Japan Award

Images that show the degree of excellence to which conferences and events in Japan adhere to. One can see this excellence in how business events actively contribute to an environmentally friendly society, how services are expertly provided by professionals, and the warm and professional interactions between organizers and visitors.

Hospitable Japan Award


All kinds of people comfortably participating in business events such as a reception at a venue, showing business events that have consideration for the environment, such as participants and locals taking part in a program of sea seed coral farming, the hospitality of venue or conference organizing staff toward business events participants.

New Idea Video Award

Videos that depict Japan as an attractive destination for business events of all kinds and format, inspiring participants and offering new perspectives and insight that propel the future evolution of science and industry.


Participants enjoying Japan and gaining "New ideas" from attending business events in Japan.


The Grand Prize Winner and Category Winners will be invited to attend the awards ceremony at IME2019 (to be held on February 28th, 2019 at the Tokyo International Forum).
All prize-winning content will be exhibited at the awards ceremony (the exhibited photographs will later be sent to the prize-winners) and posted on the JNTO Meetings & Events official website.

Grand Prize (1 person)

  • Invitation to Award (Japan travel worth 50,000 yen including Japanese Culture Experience Program)
  • Use in advertisements for business events related media
  • Memento (Shofukuhai Sake Cups)
  • Photo book of winning entries

Category Winners (1 person × 4 categories)

  • Invitation to Award (Including Japanese Culture Experience Program)
  • Memento (Shofukuhai Sake Cups)
  • Photo book of winning entries

Finalists (approx. 20 persons × 4 categories)

  • Photo book of winning entries
  • "Japan. Meetings & Events" brand goods

* Prizes are subject to change.
* Only applicants who have been confirmed as winners by February 14th, 2019 will have their works exhibited at the Award Ceremony and the exhibited works will be sent to them by mail.


Submission deadline is 6:00 AM UTC on January 7th, 2019.
*Contest Schedule is subject to change

4.Announcement of Results

Winners of the contest will be announced around February 2019 on the Photo Contest Results webpage. Winning entries will also be introduced on the JNTO Meetings & Events official Facebook account (to be launched in October 2018).
*Contest schedule is subject to change

5.How to Enter

Submit an entry from the photo contest application page.


Didier Scaillet, Makiko Yamamoto, Kayo Nomura, Hirokazu Ueda, Anju, Etsuko Kawasaki Didier Scaillet, Makiko Yamamoto, Kayo Nomura, Hirokazu Ueda, Anju, Etsuko Kawasaki

7.Hosted by

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) / Japan Convention Bureau

8.Supported by

Japan Tourism Agency, The Photographic Society of Japan, Japan Convention Management Association(JCMA), Japan Hotel Association, Japan Congress and Convention Bureau(JCCB)

How to Enter

Submit a Photo through our Website Submit a Video through our Website Submit a Photo through Facebook Submit a Video through Facebook

You may submit your works through Facebook, or through our website.
Please note, there are separate submission forms for photos and videos.

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