Onboard exclusives at Monorailex 2019 in Chiba!

Renowned for high-speed trains and service punctuality, Japan is the stage of many gatherings in the field of transportation. This time, some days ahead of the annual premier transportation exhibition “Mass-Trans Innovation”, the International Monorail Association chose Chiba to hold its annual conference ”Monorailex 2019”.

The high point of the conference took place on the 26th November, when 28 enthusiasts from 14 nations, toured the Chiba monorail base and then boarded a chartered wagon – which became the setting of a moving experience. Chiba Monorail and Chiba Convention Bureau arranged local specialties and sake, as well as a shamisen performance, creating an atmosphere that brought a great sense of unity inside the car.

Featuring a dynamic car window transition with many curved sections, Chiba Monorail is the proud Guinnes-record holder of the world's longest suspended monorail. The possibility of hosting events with a special feeling on chartered cars – and even at railway parks  keeps Japan on track as a popular destination for international events.



International Monorail Association Annual Conference –Monorailex2019 -


24th-26th of November, 2019


Chiba City, Hotel The Manhattan and Chiba Monorail



Shamisen performance onboard the chartered wagon Shamisen performance onboard the chartered wagon
Chiba Monorail, the world's longest suspended monorail Chiba Monorail, the world's longest suspended monorail

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