The World Summit of Gastronomy

An event intended to promote a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world, Tokyo Taste, the World Summit of Gastronomy, will be held at the Tokyo International Forum on February 9 - 11, 2009.

The host city of Tokyo was recently lauded by Michelin Guides as "the brightly shining capital of gastronomy": in their 2007 guide to Tokyo, 150 restaurants were awarded with stars, far more than any other city in its guide book series.

In recent years, sushi and other Japanese food has become increasingly popular all over the world as both delicious and healthy. But Japanese food is far more than sushi, and one of the purposes of

this summit is to showcase the wide variety and possibilities of Japanese foodstuffs, creative methods of cooking and coming culinary trends.

Just like fashion is presented to the world in the collections of Paris, Milan and New York, this new World Summit of Gastronomy aims to become a "Food Fashion Show" and will invite gather international stars like "chef of the century" Joel Robuchon from France, Ferran Adria, the Spanish opinion-leader of the gastronomical world, and Tetsuya Wakuda of "Tetsuya's" - Australia's hardest place to get a table. Together with Japanese chefs, they will perform various demonstrations during the 3-day event, and there will be plenty of

tasting booths as well. A true feast for all five senses!

This international cooking event will be the first of its kind in Japan and in Asia - an excellent opportunity to visit the Capital of Gastronomy!

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