4Hours in Tokyo

Sightseeing in Tokyo: Old Japan, New Japan
start at
[JR Tokyo Station]

Take snapshots around the station's beautifully restored building: 15 minutes

(c)Yasufumi Nishi

Walk 3 minutes to


Visit JP Tower Museum Intermediatheque (IMT): 30 minutes (Free Admission)

Walk 5 minutes to

[Marunouchi Cafe SEEK]

Take a Japanese handicrafts class: 40 minutes (Free of Charge)

Walk 15 minutes to

[Ginza "Kabukiza Theatre"]

Take the tour and visit the gift shop: 60 minutes
See a single act of a kabuki play: About 30-90 minutes (varies by act); 900-2,000 yen
*Regular ticket for one performance (2-3 acts): 4,000-20,000 yen

(c)Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Walk a few minutes to

[Ginza "Brand Street"]

Stroll the high-end boutiques of this famous luxury shopping district: 30 minutes

Walk 7 minutes to

[Lunch at Sushi Bar]

Lunch: 30 minutes; approx. 1,000 yen

Estimated Total Budget: 3,000 yen

[Option A: Art Tour (1000 yen)]
[Option B: Business Building Tour (Free Admission)]
[Option C: Shopping and Gourmet Tour]

This itinerary is intellectually stimulating. It gives a point of contact with Japanese history, while also offering something new. We also focused on places that were reasonably priced.

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